We sell LA Sport bull bars for Toyota Hilux, Toyota Cruiser, Ford Ranger and Isuzu.


  • Unique grill angled cato strap design
  • LED running lights as standard
  • Includes fog lights for low light conditions
  • LED indicator and park lights for an extended lifespan
  • Bull bar corner under plates and centre plate as standard
  • Winch compatible up to 12000 lbs low profile winch
  • Increases your vehicle’s approach angle. Round jacking point (also assists in self-recovery)
  • 10mm dual recovery points for a safe recovery
  • Light and grill protection
  • Spotlight wiring holes pre-drilled to have your spotlights fitted neatly

See the full details here: LAS

We also carry bull bars from Australian manufacturer Opposite Lock for Ford Ranger, Isuzu, Land Rover, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota. Their bars come for a range of car makes and in a different materials including steel and poly.

See the full range and specifications here: Opposite Lock